Abbreviation, definition
AIS - Automated Information Systems
AIEPAS - Automated Informative Electric Power Accounting System
ACS - Automated Control System
ASCTCPM - Automated System of Consumers’ Technological Connection Process Management
ATMS - Automated Technological Management System
ACS MTWM - Automatic Control System of Motor Transport Work Management
ESC - Energy Stock Company
CB - Condenser’s Battery
OL - Overhead (Transmission) Line
FOCL - Fiber-Optical Communication Line
EGMS -   Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
AIPP - Annual Integrated Purchasing Program
CD - Civil Defense
AGMS - Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
HPP - Hydroelectric Power Plant
S&A - Subsidiaries and Affiliates
VHI - Voluntary Medical Insurance
DC - Dispatcher Center
DPP - Diesel Power Plant
UNPG - Unified National Power Grid
UPS (IPS) - Unified (Integrated) Power System of Russia
HUS - Housing and Utility Sector
IP - Investment Program
CPI - Consumer Price Index
IS - Information Systems
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
IT - Information Technologies
TEP - Technical Engineering Personnel
CI - Capital Investment
KGB - Committee for State Security
CIM TA - Corporate Information System of Tax and Accounting
CIMS - Corporate Information Management System
CL - Cable Line
Corporate Code of Coduct - Corporate Code of Conduct, approved at the session of the Government of the Russian Federation on November 28, 2001 and recommended for use according to Regulation No. 421/r of the FCSM of the Russian Federation of April 4, 2002
CPC - Corporate Personal Computer
KPI - Key Performance Indicators
PTS - Packaged Transformer Substations
CS - Consulting Services
LSDP - Local Sewage Disposal Plant
PTL - Power Transmission Line
MICEX - Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange
IDGC - Interregional Distribution Grid Company
IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards
MTS - Material and Technical Support
MUE - Municipal Unitary Enterprise
EMERCOM - Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response
IPG - Intersystem Power Grid
FERT - Freelance Emergency Rescue Teams
EGR - Essential Gross Revenues
VAT - Value Added Tax
R&D - Research and Development
NP APR - Non-Commercial Partnership Audit Chamber of Russia
NPF - Non-State Pension Fund
NC - New Construction
NRI - Normative and Reference Information
STC - Scientific and Technical Council
JDU - Joint Dispatcher Unit
WGC - Wholesale Generating Company
OIC - Operative Information Complex
AWP - Autumn-Winter Period
WMEP - оWholesale Market for Electricity and Power
OTM - Operative and Technical Management
FA - Fixed Assets
PSQ - Professional Skills and Qualities
CCGT - Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
DSW - Design and Survey Works
PC - Personal Computer
PD - Production Department
S/W - Software
SS - Substation
SFUO - Shop-Floor Union Organization
CMP - Cost Management Program
PDEPMS - Perspective Development of Electric Power Metering Systems
PCB -   Polychlorinated biphenyls
RDU - Regional Dispatcher Unit
EEPS - Emergency Electric Power Source
REM Retail Electricity Market
RAS - Russian Accounting Standard
RSPP - Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
DTS - Distribution Transformer Substation
RTS - Russian Trading System
REG - Region of Electric Grids
REC Regional Energy Commission
CAD - Computer-Aided Design
ICS Internal Control System
CE - Computer Equipment
BD - Board of Directors
NWFD - Northwestern Federal Disrict
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
SIW - Self-supporting Insulated Wire
MM - Mass Media
QMS - Quality Management System
PPRS - Personnel Professional reliability services
RMS - Risk Management System
MSAR RRO - management system for allocated resources in carrying out rescue and recovery operations
TBD - Tariff and Balance Decision
TGC - Territorial Generating Company
TC - Technological Connection
TS - Transformer Substation
TRR - Technical Re-equipment and Reconstruction
M&R - Maintenance and Repair
TGO - Territorial Grid Organization
FEC - Fuel and Energy Complex
CHPP - Combined Heat and Power Plant
SA - Services of Assessment
FL - Federal Law
FCSM - Federal Commission for the Securities Market
SF - Salary Fund
FSS - Federal Security Service
FGC - Federal Grid Company
FTS - Federal Tariff Service
FFMS - Federal Financial Markets Service
ES - Emergency Situations
DCC - Digital Communication Channel
CTC - Central Tender Committee
CSC - Customer Service Center
NMC - Network Management Center
ERP - Energy Repair Production
EG - Electric Grid
ESC - - Energy Selling Company
EBITDA - Earnings before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation & Amortization
IVR - Interactive Voice Response
RAB - Return on Invested Capital Method
ROE - Return on Equity
SAIDI - Average Length of Interruption of Electricity Supply to Consumers in the Grid
SAIFI Coefficient of Average Frequency of Interruptions of Electricity Supply to Consumers in the Grid
Measurement Units
А - Ampere. Electric current intensity unit
Ha - Hectare. Area unit
Gcal - Gigacalorie. Thermal energy unit
Gcal/hour - Gigacalorie/hour. Thermal power unit
Kb/s., Mb/s., Mbaud - Kilobit/sec., megabit/sec., megabaud. Information transmission rate unit
kV - Kilovolt. Voltage unit
kVА, MVA - Kilovolt-ampere, megavolt-ampere. Electric power unit
kWh - Kilowatt-hour. Electric energy unit
kW, MW - Kilowatt, megawatt. Electric active power unit
kHz - Kilohertz. Frequency unit
kVАr - Kilovolt-ampere. Reactive power unit
km - Kilometer. Length unit