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The main areas of the Company's activities aimed at improvement of labor conditions are:

  • creation of an effective system of occupational safety management;
  • implementation of key principles of the Company's Occupational Safety Policy;
  • work with personnel;
  • ensuring safety of technological processes and safe equipment operation in accordance with the requirements of the effective laws and regulations on occupational safety;
  • information support in the field of occupational safety;
  • implementation of modern effective means of individual and collective protection;
  • organizational and technical support of measures for reduction of occupational traumatism.

Measures for reduction of occupational traumatism envisage the conduct of the following events:

  • medical examinations;
  • analysis of disease incidence by personnel categories;
  • examination of personnel in professional pathology centers;
  • attestation of workplaces by labor conditions, development of measures for bringing workplaces into compliance with the requirements based on the attestation results; implementation of measures for bringing into compliance with the effective standards and regulations;
  • continuous control over (audit of) compliance with the occupational safety requirements in the course of performance of production activities;

  • timely provision of protective clothing, protective shoes and other PPE, communication means, first-aid kits, medicines.