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Material Damage

Compensation of material damage to people injured in production accidents was carried out by the Social Insurance Fund in accordance with Federal Law No. 125-FZ on Mandatory Social Insurance from Production Accidents and Occupational Diseases of August 24, 1998 out of the amounts of insurance premium paid.

The total loss incurred by the Company as a result of production traumatism accidents, including expenses on conduct of various expert inspections, transport, provision of conditions for work of investigation committees and court orders on accidents of previous periods amounted to:

Occupational safety expenses of the Company

Spent on occupational safety activities, total, RUB million including:
on actions for prevention of accidents, RUB million on sanitary-hygiene activities for prevention of occupational diseases in production activities, RUB million on measures for general improvement of labor conditions, RUB million on provision of personal protection equipment to employees, RUB million
2010 207.1 16.5 38.0 13.6 139.0
2011 241.1 21.3 41.3 17.0 161.5
2012 289.2 21.9 56.0 13.2 198.1

Analyzing the data it can be concluded that the structure of expenses and their size are stable. This may be due to the fact that labor expenses are planned.

The increase of occupational safety expenses in 2012 is associated with the growth of expenses on provision of personal protection equipment to employees and on carrying out mandatory preliminary and periodical examinations (reviews) in accordance with Orders of the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of the RF of April 25, 2011 No.340n and of April 12, 2011 No.302n.