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Personnel psycho-physiological reliability services (PPRS) function in the Company's branches. The number of employees of PPRS is 46, including psychologists, doctors, technicians, etc.

In the main areas of activity on the employees' health care with the purpose of providing Company's personnel psycho-physiological reliability, the performance of following activities is provided:

  • Conducting pre-trip and pre-shift examination of psycho-physiologic condition and fitness for work of operating, operating-maintenance, maintenance, administrative personnel and drivers. The pre-shift admission control was organized and provided to employees, the official categories (professions) of which are a subject to pre-shift admission control according to local statutory acts (drivers and administrative-technical, operating, operating-maintenance and maintenance personnel carrying out official duties in functioning electrical installations and assignment and order jobs), among them the dispatchers are provided 100 % conducting of pre-shift admission control. In the remote workplaces of the employees subject to pre-shift admission control the state of health is examined during unscheduled inspections of workplaces. In 2012 354 employees were suspended from work on medical grounds.
  • 100% complete preliminary medical examination at employment.
  • In 2012 regular medical examinations of 8,314 employees were carried out. 403 employees were sent for the follow-up examination. All instructions of medical commissions were fulfilled.
  • According to the results of medical examinations at the expense of SIF (Social Insurance Fund) 178 employees were sent to sanatoriums and preventive clinics.
  • 3,080 employees were vaccinated.
  • Specialists of PPRS conducted simulator training on techniques of medical first aid to people injured in accidents, intensive care skills and immediate medical treatment.
  • Conducting inspections of workplaces together with subsidiaries' labor protection and production departments' reliability service. The inspection program in the area of personnel psycho-physiological reliability provision includes the following issues: inspection of the employees' current state of health, their going through pre-shift admission control, sanitary conditions, employees' equipment and use of specialized clothing and footwear. During the reporting year 684 spot checks were held.
  • Planned psycho-physiological examinations of the personnel according to approved schedule and at requests of the management are performed.
  • One of the key tasks of the personnel psycho-physiological reliability service is the arrangement and carrying out of actions aimed at recovering the human functional status. For this purpose trainings are developed and conducted in the Company.