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Within the framework of implementation of the Company's Strategy in the Field of Information Technologies, Automation and Telecommunications for the period until 2016, the development of a system project for the Company's communication network is carried out under the program for development of telecommunication support.

Provisions of substations with communication channels

The key aspect of the Company's communication development is the departure from the radio and relay lines with the switch to data transmission through fiber-optical communication lines, centralization of the Company's information resources through development of modern digital communication channels, adoption of a standard of typical forms of documents on matters of construction and operation of FOCL.

The equipment of digital communication systems allows to organize communication channels and data transmission without analogue-digital transformations, which ensures high-quality characteristics of channels.

Provision of substations with digital communication channels (DCC) 35-220 kV as of December 31, 2012 (units):

Branch/IDGC SS 110-220 kV SS 35 kV
Total Provided with DCC Provided with DCC in 2012 Total Provided with DCC Provided with DCC in 2012
Arkhenergo 87 22 4 76 8 2
Vologdaenergo 90 49 7 125 13 1
Karelenergo 54 9 2 96 4 2
Kolenergo 81 47 8 47 10 4
Komienergo 90 46 12 107 11 0
Novgorodenergo 74 57 19 60 15 10
Pskovenergo 100 26 4 70 5 2
IDGC of the North-West 576 256 56 581 66 21

Provision of substations with digital communication channels makes it possible to extend their observability and controllability. Transfer of constructed fiber optic communication lines into commercial operation enables considerable increase in the total number of substations equipped with DCC.

For the reporting period 77 substations were equipped with DCC.

Construction of FOCL

The use of fiber optics allows to increase communication quality substantially.

The main advantages of using fiber optics are as follows:

  • wider transmission band (from 100 MHz to 1 GHz) than by copper wiring (from 3 to 2 MHz);
  • electrical interference immunity, absence of "ground loops";
  • low loss at signal transmission, signal attenuation is about 1.5 dB/km (for coaxial cable RG59 — 30 dB/km for the signal 10 mGz);
  • does not cause electrical interference in surrounding cables or other fiber optic cables;
  • increase of transmission range;
  • high quality of transmitted signal.

Volumes of FOCL-OL in the Company's branches (in km)

Branch/IDGC Total FOCL length FOCL built in 2011 FOCL built in 2012
Arkhenergo 1,377 182 163
Vologdaenergo 1,218 33 8
Karelenergo 739 96 36
Kolenergo 1,719 262 145
Komienergo 29 0 0
Novgorodenergo 2,448 153 602
Pskovenergo 1,246 330 305
IDGC of the North-West 8,776 1,056 1,259

In recent years a considerable increase in construction volume of FOCL-OL and total length of lines is observed.

During the reporting period the construction was mainly performed at expense of outside investors for the right of passage. Over 1,000 km of FOCL were built at expense of outside investors in 2012.

The Company carries out works on acceptance of FOCL for commercial operation and sourcing investors for acquisition and installation of terminal equipment by the facilities of JSC IDGC of the North-West.