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JSC IDGC of the North-West is servicing 167,946.3 km of overhead power transmission lines and 7,999.3 km of cable power transmission lines; 1,146 substations with the voltage from 35 kV and above and the installed capacity of power transformers of 18.163 thousand MVA.

In 2012 the following facilities were repaired in physical terms:

  • repair of 35-110 kV OL — 1,982.4 km (101% of the target);
  • repair of grids 0.4-20 kV — 6,888.8 km (103% of the target);
  • repair of substations 35-150 kV — 85 units (100% of the target);
  • 35-150 kV OL sites cleared — 7,801.1 Ha (106% of the target);
  • 6-20 kV OL sites cleared — 6,841.4 Ha (113% of the target).

The total costs relating to capital repair of the electric grids in 2012 amounted to RUB 1,600.8 million, including:

  • repair of PTL 35-150 kV — RUB 258.4 million;
  • repair of equipment of SS 35-150 kV — RUB 349.4 million;
  • repair of electric grids 0.4-20 kV — RUB 638.7 million;
  • OL 35-150 kV sites cleared — RUB 124.3 million;
  • OL 6-20 kV sites cleared — RUB 96.4 million;
  • other repairs — RUB 133.6 million.

In order to unify repair and operational activities of the Company's branches, implement a unified technical policy, increase operational efficiency while maintaining the required level of reliability of functioning of the electric grid complex JSC IDGC of the North-West developed and implemented in 2008 the Standard for Organization of Works for Technical Maintenance and Repair of Electric Grid Facilities. In order to optimize costs, the planning and organization of repair works are carried out depending on the condition of electric grid facilities. In order to ensure the required parameters of reliability of energy supply to consumers taking into account the high level of physical wear of equipment and absence of the tendency for its decline, physical volumes of the repair program grow for almost all categories of equipment.

The size of the repair fund has remained the same over the last years. The considerable growth of the target value of the repair fund in 2011 compared to 2010 is explained by the inclusion in the 2011 plan of repair works which had been previously planned for performance in 2010 and later had to be excluded due to making of tariff and balance decisions, with the relevant adjustment of the business plan.

The biggest share of expenses is repair of distribution grids 0.4-20 kV, due to the fact that they are in the worst technical condition and demonstrate the highest fault rate.

In order to optimize expenses, support physical volumes of the repair program at a proper level and ensure reliability of the functioning of electric grid facilities, actions aimed at switching a part of works from a contracting performance method to using of the Company's own resources have been taken since 2008. The proportion of contracted works and works performed using the Company's own resources reached an optimal value in 2010 and has remained practically unchanged since.