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Organization of social events within the framework of target communication program is very important for the creation of a positive image of JSC IDGC of the North-West and positioning of the Company as a representative of socially responsible business.

For example, the PR program “Make Friends with Electricity” implemented by the Company has the same goal. This program is aimed to reduce risks of child electric traumatism at the Company’s facilities and to create the culture of safe behavior through awareness-raising work. In 2012 employees of JSC IDGC of the North-West held 415 lessons on electric safety for 15.8 thousand children and 4 seminars for teachers and parents. Corporate volunteers of the Board of Young People and employees of occupational safety departments take an active part in realization of this program. Over 40 types of methodical materials were developed by personnel of Public Relations Departments: lesson scenarios, didactic materials, agitation products, multi-media and flash games on electric safety, book “Profession in Energy Industry”. Internet portal “Make Friends with Electricity”, an open archive of best methods and practices, has been created and is maintained, and the youth volunteer movement is overseen in the executive apparatus and branches.

12 public events were held: seminars, round tables, creation contests, exhibitions of electric safety agitation products. JSC IDGC of the North-West hosted the First All-Russian Practical Conference “Children Safety is Above All Else” on the base of Novgorodenergo branch. Based on the results of experience exchange and presentation of open lessons on electric safety, JSC IDGC Holding recommended the experience of JSC IDGC of the North-West for implementation at the level of the Russian Federation.

Memorandum of Cooperation on matters of protection of rights and safety of a child at electric power facility was signed between the Steering Committee of Authorized Officers for Children’s Rights in the Constituent Entities of the RF included in the NWFD and JSC IDGC of the North-West, Agreement with the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Development of the Arkhangelsk Region for Cooperation on Matters of Prevention of Child Traumatism was concluded, partnership agreements within the framework of the Program were made with regional subdivisions of the Main Administration of EMERCOM and the Ministries (Committees) of Education.

“Make Friends with Electricity” program attracted wide public attention: federal, regional and corporate mass media published 194 materials, including 50 articles, 13 TV pieces, 18 social radio pieces. The program became a winner of all-Russian contests of professional achievements in the field of PR and advertising PROBA-IPRA Golden World Awards and Golden Sable and nominated for ConTEXt Award of the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

For the third year IDGC of the North-West holds historic and memorial action Victory Banner Relay Race and International Memorial Relay Race from Motherland of Heroic Deeds — to Motherland of a Hero, organized on the initiative of the Veterans Coordinating Council of the distribution electric grid complex and JSC IDGC Holding. In 2012 the Races started in the territory of the Pskov Region in Idritsa where in the course of two-day patriotic events a solemn ceremony of delivery of copies of the Victory Banner to Chairmen of the Board of Veterans and young leaders of IDGC/RGC had taken place, which copies were then delivered to 1,697 districts of electric grids in the entire responsibility zone of JSC IDGC Holding for eternal storage. Employees of JSC IDGC of the North-West transferred the copies of the Victory Banner to 106 REGs, regional museums, searcher of “Dolina” expedition and send one of the copies from Saint Petersburg to a round-the-world tour on board of Sedov sailing ship. In May International Youth Motor Rally “By Roads of Victory” went through the territory ofJSC IDGC of the North-West within the framework of all-Russian project “Our Common Victory”. Its participants met with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, recorded their memories, put flowers on memorials. Over 1,500 employees took part in 50 events, including 2 search expeditions: “Dolina” in the territory of Myasnoy Bor and “Memorial Crew” in the Republic of Karelia, and expeditions to memorial locations, creative contests and improvements of war memorials.

For the second year target communication program “Distribution Electric Grid Complex — for Environment Protection” is implemented in the territory of JSC IDGC of the North-West on the initiative of JSC Holding IDGC. Under this Program PR subdivisions of the Company hold social action “Let’s Save the Forest Energy” for the purpose of compensation of the damage caused to the environment by clearing OL sites. In 2012 20 events were held in the Company’s responsibility zone. The Company’s employees planted greenery at 6 facilities of technological connection to the electric grids, laid 7 alleys, improved 5 war memorials, planted trees in the territories of sponsored educational institutions and orphanages, participated in community cleanup days. Information of the action and interactive map of events held in 2011-2012 are placed on the special portal “Forest Energy” of the official website of JSC IDGC of the North-West.

In 2012 4 PR-projects of JSC IDGC of the North-West became winners of all-Russian contests of professional achievements in the field of PR. On the 3rd Annual Joint Contest of the Ministry of Energy of the RF and Russian Public Relations Organization ConTEXt, the energy efficiency interactive reference book was named the best special project of press-services, educational film “The Secret of the Yellow Triangle” — the best project on work with consumers, the website of professional skills contest — the best project aimed at the development of human resources. The website of professional skills contest was also awarded a diploma “Best PR-campaign on the Internet” of the 4th All-Russian Contest “Press-Service of the Year”. Target communication program “Make Friends with Electricity” won Grand-Prix of the competition in the field of development of public relations PROBA-IPRA Golden World Awards 2012 in nomination “Best Social Project”, became a winner in the nomination “For Strategic Approach to PR campaign planning” of the Annual International Contest of Recognition of Professional Achievements in the field of PR and advertising “Golden Sable”, was nominated for the ConTEXt Award of the Ministry of Energy and included in the catalogue of best PR projects of the year of the National Award “Silver Ray”.



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PR-projects of JSC IDGC of the North-West became winners of all-Russian contests of professional achievements in the field of PR